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  • Uber-can-buy-500,000-automated-Teslas-in-the-future

    Uber can buy 500,000 automated Teslas in the future

    Steve Jurvetson – one of the earliest investors in Tesla said when their self-driving cars are officially produced in 2020, the Uber will buy them. Jurvetson narrated this from speaker of CEO Uber – Travis Kalanick at dinner with the theme of “Top 10 tech trends” organized by the Churchill Club. Jutvetson is very confident…

  • cloud-server

    Learn about Cloud Server! What is Cloud Server?

    Cloud server is a virtual private server like Classic VPS but it’s based on Cloud computing technology. Therefore Cloud Server has more advantages by using Cloud computing technologies that couldn’t be applied to Classic VPS. The core of Cloud Server is Cloud computing technology. This post just introduces some simple views to let you be…

  • facebook-iphone

    IPhone users can find links automatically when posting status on Facebook

    Recently, Facebook has officially launched a new feature on the iPhone, allowing users to easily search and share the link on Facebook. Specifically, whenever you want to share a link from the web in your status, simply click the link, type in a few keywords so that Facebook can search post with that link, select…

  • operamini-windows-phone-8

    Opera Mini version is officially launched on Windows Phone

    Opera Mini version for Windows Phone was introduced at Mobile World Congress in March this year. And now, Windows Phone users will have chance to use it when this version is officially launched on Windows Phone with many useful features. 1, Surf the Internet faster 2, Save more Data savings function allow users to know…

  • new-Lumia-product-of-Microsoft

    AdDuplex revealed technical specifications about the latest Lumia product of Microsoft

    As a regular report of AdDuplex, the leading advertising network for the Windows Phone platform and the developers, the parameters about the latest Lumia product of Microsoft has gradually been officially revealed. In addition, the report also provides trends about Windows Phone devices globally. As noted, two Lumia models has been revealed with RM-1104 and…