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  • ipad-mini

    Apple “kills off” the first generation of iPad Mini

    Apple has just quietly removed the first generation iPad Mini from its website and stop selling on Apple Store. This is the last device which does not use Apple’s Retina screen is killed off. All current iPad versions of Apple use 64-bit processor, with the A7 chip and A8 chip to replace for A5 chip…

  • image-1435709854-iPhone-6s-2

    iPhone 6s revealed in leaked photos- No difference in design

    The clear images with very high precision has just been published by 9to5Mac technology site. Sources said that the difference between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 is very small, it is mainly the inside parts of the machine. Meanwhile, the length, the width of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 is quite similar. IPhone…

  • cloud-server

    Learn about Cloud Server! What is Cloud Server?

    Cloud server is a virtual private server like Classic VPS but it’s based on Cloud computing technology. Therefore Cloud Server has more advantages by using Cloud computing technologies that couldn’t be applied to Classic VPS. The core of Cloud Server is Cloud computing technology. This post just introduces some simple views to let you be…

  • Nokia-is-actively-seeking-partners-to-return-to-the-smartphone-market

    Nokia is actively seeking partners to return to the smartphone market

    About 5 years ago, Nokia was the king in the mobile market with market share twice as much as Apple. However, slow thinking has pushed this company into difficult situation and the result is Nokia is acquired by Microsoft. Currently, Nokia is focusing on business auxiliary services, mobile infrastructure and map. Recently, Nokia has returned…