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  • Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Mini-can-be-announced-in-August-this-year

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini can be announced in August this year

    As usual after the launch of the flagship, Samsung will launch its shortened configuration version, among which are the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. According to PhoneArena, the Korean manufacturer will continue to announce Galaxy S6 Mini version, but certainly there will not have a shortened version of the S6 edge next August. In addition,…

  • google-is-where-students-want-to-work-most

    Google is where students want to work most

    According to a survey with the participation of 19,000 students from 340 universities worldwide, Google is still the top company when asked about desired workplace and then Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, respectively. The survey was conducted by Piazza, a platform for the discussion in class which is widely used by many teachers and students…

  • Intel-introduces-3D-Xpoint-memory-with-1000 times-quicker-speed

    Intel introduces 3D Xpoint memory with 1000 times quicker speed

    Intel and Micron have partnered to develop a new data storage technology, accordingly, this technology will give greater storage capacity and much faster speed than other storage devices today. This storage devices are called 3D XPOINT, a form of non-volatile memory (volatile memory like hard drives and memory cards). According to Intel, data reading and…

  • bing

    Microsoft creates video search tool better than Google

    Accordingly, Microsoft has added a new feature on Bing to help users easily catch information from videos they’re looking for. In particular, received results not only include videos from YouTube, but also from many other social networking sites. After a click on a video, it can automatically run on Bing with small size without clicking…