Both iPhone SE and 9.7 inch iPad Pro have 2GB of RAM

Apple unveiled the iPhone SE and the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, but the company did not mention the RAM in both devices. According to benchmarking tests, both devices have 2GB of RAM.

Samsung will be more focused on low and mid - range smartphones in 2016

According to sources, Samsung will stop producing the high - end smartphones in 2016. Instead, the South Korean company will be more focused on low and mid - range models next year.

More than 15% of American do not use the Internet in 2015

2015-08-04 10:20:35

America is one of the most developed countries in the world with many telecommunications hubs. However, in fact, many American people needn’t use or access to t

Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini can be announced in August this year

2015-09-02 18:20:13

As usual after the launch of the flagship, Samsung will launch its shortened configuration version, among which are the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. According to

IPad Pro is now officially available on 13 November

2015-11-07 15:28:54

In September, Apple introduced its new tablet iPad Pro, but the device has not come out yet. According to rumors, the iPad Pro would be released on 11 November

Twitter’s revenue reached 502 million USD in Q2/2015, increasing by 61% compared to the same period last year

2015-09-02 18:20:19

Twiter continues to show quite impressed growth in the last quarter. In addition to the revenue of $502mil, the company has more than monthly 316 million users

Huawei's new generation phablet will be equipped with Force Touch sensor

2015-08-21 05:00:39

A few days ago, sources from China confirmed Huawei would join producing the next generation Nexus of Google in 2015. Accordingly, the Nexus Huawei will be equi

Microsoft cooperates with Foxconn to produce smartphone in India

2015-08-13 10:45:38

Last week, Microsoft undertook a reform on its phone hardware production when dismissing 7,800 workers after a period of inefficient operation. Microsoft also i

Samsung tests Galaxy S7 with Snapdragon 820 chip and Android M

2015-08-13 10:45:12

New information about the Galaxy S7 flagship of Samsung continues to be leaked. Accordingly, a Weibo social network account from China has just announced the ev

Intel introduces 3D Xpoint memory with 1000 times quicker speed

2015-08-04 10:21:04

Intel and Micron have partnered to develop a new data storage technology, accordingly, this technology will give greater storage capacity and much faster speed

Yahoo releases new version of Yahoo Messenger

2015-08-04 10:20:51

After a period of time appearing on the App Store in Hong Kong, Livetext chat application of Yahoo has officially been widely publicized. This is seen as the su

China operates electric buses which can fully charge in 10 seconds

2015-08-04 10:20:14

The electric buses which allow charging fast will be put into operation for the first time in Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, China from Tuesday (28th, July).

Google also has to do SEO on its official searching tool

2015-07-30 11:02:49

Google is a search giant, holding the most powerful search engines today. However, there is one fact that Google still needs to find ways to increase the rankin

Tablet sales continue to decline sharply

2015-07-30 11:02:35

Research of Forrester indicates that 41% of users worldwide are using smartphone with more than 5 inch screen, 11% of which surveyed said that their tablet was

Huawei cooperates with Google to launch Nexus smartphone

2015-07-26 10:40:17

2015 could be the first year to mark the big turning point for Google's Nexus line of phone when they partnered with the Chinese manufacturer, Huawei. As stated

Google is where students want to work most

2015-07-26 10:39:33

According to a survey with the participation of 19,000 students from 340 universities worldwide, Google is still the top company when asked about desired workpl

Nokia is actively seeking partners to return to the smartphone market

2015-07-21 16:23:58

About 5 years ago, Nokia was the king in the mobile market with market share twice as much as Apple. However, for slow innovation and updates, Nokia has been la

Samsung introduces 2TB SSD solid state drive with super fast speed

2015-07-21 16:23:18

Samsung has recently marked a new milestone in the history of hardware when officially unveiling the (SSD) hard drive: 850 PRO and 850 EVO with capacity up to 2

Uber can buy 500,000 Tesla self-driving automobiles in the future

2015-07-10 19:59:01

 said that Uber would be its customer when their self-driving cars are officially produced in 2020, said Steve Jurvetson, one of the earliest founders of Tesla

Sony bets on camera sensors with $3,6 billion stock

2015-07-07 14:07:11

This decision shocks many people for this is the first and foremost time ever in its history that SONY made up their mind to sell stocks. With the purpose to en

Only 6 Lumia models are launched in a year

2015-07-10 19:58:10

After announcing to lay off a large number of staff, Microsoft has given a new mobile strategy. Noticeably, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, announced that from th

Logitech renamed with a new modern logo

2015-07-09 21:49:24

Logitech- leading gaming gear manufacturer of the world, famous for the keyboard and mouse game with high quality, will be officially renamed to "Logi" from tod

Apple Music hit 13 million paying subscribers

HP will launch a 16GB RAM Chromebook

Toshiba plans to cut nearly 7.000 jobs after its accounting scandal

Windows Phone market share drops to 1.7%

Sony bets on camera sensors with $3,6 billion stock