Facebook launches sport feature "Sport Stadium"

2016-01-26 07:44:21 by Joe Placke
Facebook introduced a new sport feature called "Sport Stadium", enabling users to follow every sport games, to get stats and commentary from famous journalists and experts.

The biggest social networking site on Earth today launched a new sport feature called " Sport Stadium". A new sport destination where you can get live scores and stats about games while discussing plays and players with friends watching the same game. Besides, the new feature includes commentary from journalists and experts. Basically, "Sport Stadium" is like ESPN on social networks.

Sport games have been attracting many social networking sites in the US. Twitter, a social networking site with more than 500 million users, allows users to follow their favorite games thanks to its 140-character limit and fast-flow of chronological updates. Snapchat also launched Live Stories feature, enabling users to update every live sport games.


However, Facebook’s timeline is not a perfect place to cover the sport games. Thus, Sport Stadium is designed to meet the demands of sport fans ahead of  the 50th Anniversary of the National Football League, the Super Bowl, which takes place on February 7.

The new feature is now available for iOS users in the US. To access the Sports Stadium, users have to search by game in Facebook’s main app. There they’ll find a dashboard featuring commentary, news, individual plays, live scores, and more. Facebook is expecting a wider rollout of the feature in the coming weeks.