Samsung has agreed to pay Apple 548 million USD

2015-12-07 03:41:09 by Joe Placke
Samsung today announced that it has agreed to pay Apple 548 million USD in damages. Samsung has been accused of using illegally Apple's patents for its smartphones and tablets.

Samsung today confirmed that it has agreed to pay Apple 548 million USD for  infringing on the Cupertino, Calif., company's patents before 14 December

In August 2012,  a court found in Apple's favor, judging that the South Korean had infringed Apple for features such as tap-to-zoom and multitouch gestures and Samsung was asked to pay 1 billion USD in damages, and then the figure was whittled down to 930 million USD.


On 7 December, Samsung announced that it will pay Apple 548 million USD for infringing Apple's patents and 382m USD for allegations that Samsung copied Apple's packaging materials. The second deal is scheduled to be completed in early 2016. However, sources say that Samsung keeps on holding all rights to acquire repayment from Apple and/or installment by Apple of all sums required to be paid as charges.

Apple sued Samsung in 2011 as the Cupertino - based company found that Samsung illegally used one of the company's patents for its tablets and copied Apple iPhone's design and features.