Samsung plans to cut smartphone shipments by 12% in 2016

2015-12-24 05:04:54 by Joe Placke
Samsung today announced that it will reduce its smartphone shipments by 12 % in 2016. Samsung is believed to be struggling fight against the chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi and Huawei.

Samsung today sent a message to its local retailers, informing that the company will lower its smartphone shipments by 12 % in 2016.

The South korean company has not made any official announcements that give us insight into the reasons behind the company's smartphone shipments reduction. However, sources say:" it may be due to an increasingly saturated marketplace worldwide." and smartphones are becoming less attractive to buyers and more an essential part of our life. The world's booming smartphone market once created huge revenue opportunities for smartphone manufacturers, but users are increasingly happy with their devices.


Samsung now holds a fifth of the current smartphone market share. The South Korean company says that it will only manufacture between 420 million and 430 million smartphone units in 2016. Samsung has been more focused on bringing its low - end and mid - range smartphones to emerging markets as an attempt to compete with some chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi.

Samsung is believed to unveil the Galaxy S7 in February 2016. A company's official says that Samsung expects a steady growth in sales of the new device and Galaxy S7 will help Samsung remain its number one position as the world's largest smartphone maker in 2016.