Xiaomi Mi Band sales reached 10 million units

2015-12-30 04:06:49 by Joe Placke
According to the latest report, Xiaomi's Mi Band sales hit 10 million units in the first nine months of the year. The chinese smartphone maker has seen a steady growth despite its tough fight against top brands like Apple and Samsung.

According to the latest report from Xiaomi, the company sold over 10 million Mi Band in the first nine months of the year. Even though Xiaomi has been facing the increasing competition with top brands like Apple and Samsung, the company's wearable sales are showing some positive results in the international market. Noticeably, the chinese smartphone maker is well - known for providing latest technology for an affordable price.


The report says that Xiaomi sold over 600.000 of Mi Band's 10 million total sales in Taiwan. According to IDC, Xiaomi recorded the remarkable growth in the company's wearable devices sales, which saw an 800% increase compared to the same period last year.

Xiaomi, Apple and Fibit now dominate the chinese wearable market. IDC says that the top three manufacturers make up a total global market share of nearly 60%. According to PhoneDog, Xiaomi sold over 208 thousands Mi Band in its first day of availability, accouting for 4.8% of the chinese wearable space. While the monthly sales has exceeded to one million in 2015 and annual sales exceeded 10 million.